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A Common Man

A common man wants everything without doing anything;

He wants to live without touch with reality and be in touch with reality;

He tries to be free by using all his time making money;

He wishes for some miracle but never thought of being a miracle;

He sees something to complain about and nothing to be grateful for;

He uses his mouth only for himself, to eat;

He never stands up for anything or anyone;

He agrees with those he likes and disagrees with those he doesn’t like;

He accuses others of not helping him to be responsible;

He disapproves of what he approves to maintain a conversation;

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Moral Luck, another Christian view.

Some people are “saints” because they don’t have an opportunity to indulge their lust…
The bible talks of people who can speak in tongues but don’t have love, they will not see Heaven. The bible then talks of people who do good and believe they are righteous, they will not see God.
God searches the heart!

The gospel of our saviour Jesus rests on the fact that we are all equal in our sinful nature and equal in potential to learn and to be righteous. The only difference is our circumstances. Just because you have less demanding circumstances doesn’t make you better at managing time. Just because you have one thing to focus on doesn’t make you better at focusing on one thing. We learn we grow, then we teach. A teacher shall not despise a student. A student shall not look down upon another student.

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Pure Pleasures

C.S. Lewis’s Screwtape Letters depicts a senior devil who is training a junior devil to intercept a man on the verge of becoming a Christian. The young devil is to deter the man from God, or “the Enemy.” The junior devil tries his best to distract his subject, but after a few weeks, he is unsuccessful. The frustrated young devil cannot explain what went wrong but notes that the man did two simple things each day. Every morning he would get up and go for a long walk, thoroughly enjoying the air, the scenery, and all in all, the walk itself. Then every evening, at the end of his day, the man would curl up with a good book, thoroughly delighting in that book, the reading, the time itself. To this, the senior devil notes sharply: “This is where you went horribly wrong! You should have put it into his mind that he had to get up in the morning and take that walk for the sake of exercise. It would have become drudgery to him. And you should have gotten him to read the book so that he could quote it to somebody else. It would have become equally uninspiring. You allowed him to enjoy such pure pleasure that the Enemy’s voice became more audible within those experiences. That is where you went wrong.”

Life Is Sweet – Ravi Zacharias

If not, then maybe…

if it’s not that African Africans are immune to COVID-19, then it could be that all unhealthy Africans did not last long enough to be caught by COVID-19.
Could it be that our health care is so poor that only really healthy people can survive?
Perhaps countries with better health care systems are receiving a higher mortality rate from COVID-19 due to their high life expectancy rate, meaning they have a lot of senior citizens.


Man is an Intelligent and a Creator being.

If God created man in his own image, it then confirms why man is intelligent and creative.

If a man is an intelligent and creator being, then why does it not follow that we can (and possibly have) imagined a God into being? If not, how so does it seem extremely convenient and coincidental that most of our gods fall within our own stereotypes like God being male, most god’s messengers being male?

However, you don’t want to think about that, you should not think about that and you’ll probably live happier if you live like there’s a God watching over you because frankly, we need watching.
Besides, no amount of philosophy and evidence can explain away the presence of a strange coincidence experienced by them that believe and pray.

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COVID-19, Christianity and Common sense.

There is a problem with extremists, naturally! Even doing good or living well in an unhealthy high levels can become toxic.

Someone is not following COVID-19 health guidelines because they believe in God. These are the people who make a mockery of Christianity, and God Himself (if God is male). From the bible, The Parable of the Talents tells us of a savant who was foolish and hid his talent because it was very small, and didn’t multiply it. I liken this to common sense. its is such a small gift that we often ignore. You don’t have to be mentally ill to appreciate having a functioning brain.

You pray to God to bless your child so that they are successful in future. Your prayer is answered and your child goes to become an expert medical practitioner. If we assume that it is by Gods blessing that your child became a doctor, then we should accept that when he professionally speaks, he is speaking on behalf of God. So, in essence, God is trying to save your life by asking you to social distance, asking you to wash your hands, sanitize and always wear a mask. But you disobey Him [God], yet you claim you are a Christian and God will protect you… How?

Do not be overrighteous, neither be overwise– why destroy yourself?

Ecclesiastes 7:16

When the children of Israel were bitten by wild snakes, they cried to God. God responded by instructing Moses to build a bronze snake

So Moses made a bronze snake and put it up on a pole. Then when anyone was bitten by a snake and looked at the bronze snake, they lived.

Numbers 21:9

It is not that God could not just heal them automatically, or kill all the snakes, but there needed a personal decision and action towards the healing. It is similar to fasting. You do not fast because God cant hear your prayers, or your prayers are strong when you are hungry. It is usually an act of physical obedience.

Spiritual release follows physical obedience.


Times has changed, really changed. Using your common sense is not a sin.

Parmenides gave a one-line about reality, he said, “Whatever is, is”.
When Heraclitus came along, he came and said, “No, no, whatever is, is changing. You do not enter into the same river twice”.
Cratylus came along and went even one better. He said, “Actually, you don’t even step into the same river once, because not only is the river changing, you’re changing all along at the same time”

Ravi Zacharias – Hamilton Open Forum

Etiquette Lesson 1: Ugly vs Plain

The opposite of a beautiful or handsome person is…?
What? Wrong, not ugly. Nobody is ugly. If someone is not beautiful or handsome, they are plain, not ugly!
Beauty is merely a gift, an aesthetic gift. Just because someone is not aesthetically gifted, doesn’t mean they are aesthetically challenged.
Please also remember that beauty is relative, depending on many factors. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

For example, men who loved their mothers will most likely marry or be attracted to women who resemble their mothers. Same goes for women, those that loved their dads will likely marry or be attracted to men who resemble their fathers.

For men, if you loved your mother, you tend to like women whose skin colour closely resembles your mother’s skin colour. Same goes for height. Some go as far as liking petite women just because their mothers were petite. This is all unintentional, and you have no control over it.

For women, if your father was very supportive, very dependable and caring, you tend to prefer men who have one or several of his behaviour and physical characteristics. Some behaviours might be negative but because your father had then, you tend to be more tolerant of them; like smoking or taking alcohol. Other behaviours include watching football.

In short, watch your words. Listen to them[words] before speaking them.


when you are at the top, you need to be lucky always; but when you are at the bottom, you only need to be lucky once…

luck, the rarest of virtues

2 exceptions when giving/taking a bribe is understandable

There are only 2 exceptions when giving/taking a bribe is acceptable:

  1. When the size of your hope/vision/dream is smaller than the bribe. If all you ever hope to achieve is a million, then someone offers you a billion, then its understandable taking a bribe.
  2. When the absence of the bribe will result to a greater evil, like when someone’s life is at stake.

In all circumstances, its important to note that the exceptions listed above are based on reasoning, and when in such a crossroad, its only wise to seek a second opinion from your morality.