Feeling empowered towards self-advancement, while feeling labored towards a shared interest, and feeling tortured towards the benefit of another. #quotesbyme

Day Light Saving

I am reducing my intake; I will reduce my uptake; I am cutting my use; I want to hibernate; I want to live another day; To fight another day; I am saving my efforts; I am preserving my energy; I will withstand this cold;

#quotesbyme – Success

success is made by how much you create, not accumulate… #quotesbyme

#quotesbyme – an intelligent person listens

whereas average people are in love with the sound of their own voice; an intelligent person listens, they have something to learn from anyone… #quotesbyme

#quotesbyme – regard yourself as a process of how things happen

“don’t see yourself as a victim of why things happen, regard yourself as a process of how things happen”… #quotesbyme