Up and running with DNX/DNVM/DNU

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS CONTENT IS COPY-PASTED FROM : http://www.sblackler.net/2015/05/02/Up-And-Running-With-DNX-DNVM-DNU/   There’s been quiet a few announcements throughout Build 2015. One of the many aspects that I am excited about is the new cross platform runtime environment called DNX, or the .NET Execution Environment. What is DNX? The .NET Execution Environment (DNX) provides a consistent […]

ASP.NET 6 Gotchas…

entity framework migrations only work with classname plis a suffix of id as table id, otherwise, an error… (BY DEFAULT…) do not mix services.AddTransient<AccountService>(); instances with services.AddSingleton<IAccountRepository, AccountRepository>(); services for dependence injection.they result to some funny exception without proper details package management is easier but with wierd errors upon upgrade or adding a new package, […]


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