What goes up must come down; What goes around comes back around; A time to kill and a time to heal; Blood is heavier than water; Hope for the best but expect the worst; All that glitters is not gold; As above so below; A child of sin is sin; We speak out of abundance […]


***** Dear Fate; Whoever is responsible for my present condition obviously cares a great deal. For me, it was such a wonderful miracle to see such light in a woman. The moment you came into my life it was like a day I had started off without the sun, it was dawn and it was […]


Love what you care about, You may never have it for long; You envy that which is other, Why are you jealous when others desire yours? You want to be victor, who will be the victim? You want to conquer, who is the conquered? If you want to have everything, What will everyone else have? […]