thinking out loud

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

A Common Man

A common man wants everything without doing anything;

He wants to live without touch with reality and be in touch with reality;

He tries to be free by using all his time making money;

He wishes for some miracle but never thought of being a miracle;

He sees something to complain about and nothing to be grateful for;

He uses his mouth only for himself, to eat;

He never stands up for anything or anyone;

He agrees with those he likes and disagrees with those he doesn’t like;

He accuses others of not helping him to be responsible;

He disapproves of what he approves to maintain a conversation;


They Alone

We are living in strange times… today, when you talk of “THEY/THEM/WE”, you may be referring to one and exactly one person.

I cant wait to see a tussle in courts and contracts where plural pronouns are interpreted to imply a group but were/is actually one person.