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The Good Friday

If history is true, if it is indeed true that today is a Good Friday, then a human sacrifice was made for our sins by (and for) our Creator to justify to Himself His love for us. Plot twist? The human sacrifice was the Creator. Just differently different…

A premeditated suicide of our all powerful and everlasting good Creator to save us from His own Creation, death!

Perhaps death is not His creation. Perhaps death is not under His control. Perhaps death is a different Creator, the Un-Creator… a perpetually everlasting non-existence. Perhaps the Non-Existent is the enemy. There’s no devil or evil. No good or bad. No correct or wrong. Nothing beyond that we are meant to perpetually exist by our Creator in His Goodness. The Non-Existent then slides us away from our Creator into non existence.

Perhaps our Creator is a force and Non-Existent is the opposite but equal force… Science has a name for it, Antimatter! Thereby and probably, there is just goodness and anti-goodness; life and anti-life; God and Anti-god!

I guess we’ll never know, for now we’ll settle for perhaps…

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A Common Man

A common man wants everything without doing anything;

He wants to live without touch with reality and be in touch with reality;

He tries to be free by using all his time making money;

He wishes for some miracle but never thought of being a miracle;

He sees something to complain about and nothing to be grateful for;

He uses his mouth only for himself, to eat;

He never stands up for anything or anyone;

He agrees with those he likes and disagrees with those he doesn’t like;

He accuses others of not helping him to be responsible;

He disapproves of what he approves to maintain a conversation;

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