October 2016

Black & White

Am the black sheep, you know…

Last then least, but first;

Am mistaken, I think;

Just different, is I, so;

Not indifferent, you see…

Am bright at night, I guess…

And right with light at noon;

Invisible I am, from naked eye;

Invincible, you see…

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What is Holiness?

Holiness is not righteousness. Holiness is not goodness. Holiness is uprightness. Holiness is a lifestyle of genuine goodness and pure righteousness from the inside the inside to the outside. The direction is key, from the inside to the outside. Your soul needs to walk holiness before your body does, but your body must also walk holiness.

Goodness is the state of being kind, caring and loving. Absolute goodness is being sincerely selfless, it doesn’t require love, or kindness, or care. It just requires, sincere selflessness. Absolute goodness is difficult to live by, but we can have moments of experiencing it… it is when you feel like you can do something that has never been done, or have never imagined yourself doing, in order to save some soul that is completely strange to you, just before you ask yourself “why me!”

Righteousness is a lifestyle of a conscious soul that is self-aware of its part and role in the universe, when you understand what is right and wrong, what is right but should not be done, and what is wrong and can be done if need be.

Uprightness is being fatherly to all children, even those that you have not sired, it is being motherly to all kids, it is being sisterly to all of your age; prostitutes, prisoners, and nuns. Uprightness is in the knowledge of when to be Just and when to be Fair. Uprightness is a competition against one’s self ability to heal the suffering of others, to be wise, to be kind, to love and to be the best version of your real you.

Uprightness is when you try to live the most moments of your life trying to be absolutely good, trying to understand others and yourself, trying to be humble in your thinking and living, it is trying to literally experience what others experience not so that you might just help them, but so you can respect their strength in enduring. It is being diligent at work, it is being without red blemish, it is singing to your soul a song of meekness. Uprightness is being keen to instructions and kind to knowledge.


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