May 2016

What is Religion?

Religion is simply a form of Meditation...

A friend of mine, an atheist friend of mine couldn’t stand my strong co-existence full belief of a supernatural deity, and a perfect understanding and acceptance of science. So he said I was suffering from Pascal’s wager. For description purposes, Pascal’s wager is the ability to harmoniously harbor two conflicting ideas.
I have always considered myself an apologetic given by the number of incidences I stood up for religion and Christianity truth, but my comfort and most of my recognition comes from cutting all paranoia I religion, basically saying what is pure truth, not just the bible truth. There is one incidence that that scared me when I read the book of Urantia, and wanted to consult its authenticity, but there is no one, even the most educated pastors and bishops who even had the idea that such a book existed. One very prominent tried to call it a bible comentally, his ignorance scared me to the bone.
According to a certain theory of the origin of knowledge, one is born with all the knowledge, but in the process of birth they forget everything, so they spend their lifetime trying to re-call and remember what they forgot at birth. The other theory of course says the opposite but my point is…I have personally managed to attain answers to some of my most difficult questions by merely meditating and continually thinking over a topic for a considerable good time, sometimes even a year.
There is one instance I was walking to work and something just came into my mind, “Religion is Meditation.” I know I had been previously advocating this notion earlier but this time it was heavier. I always believed, that God is greater than religion, greater than the bible and greater than everything else, including our comprehension. But now, if religion is meditation, then that makes every concept of religion physical, not divine.
So, is there a God? A Force? Or an Energy that controls anything? Id answer that question with… “First, there is obviously a time for everything, an opportunity or a chance for every event. Second, there exists a watch man that watches over every event and assists everything remain in balance. And third, there also exists a watch maker, the uncaused cause, the immovable mover.” It is my understanding this sounds poetic or artistic, but truth be said, we are all part of a bigger endless, but finite game. Some are pones, others are queens, others are born kings, others just provide the playground, we call them the king makers.

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