December 2017

Time-Cheating, Life University Strategies


For those fellas who still hold the intention of going back to school but complain of lack of time and money, here are some time-cheating, “life university” strategies.

  1. Driving University: Listen to audio books or financial news radio while stuck in traffic. Traffic nuisances transformed to education.
  2. Exercise University: Absorb books, podcasts, and magazines while exercising at the gym. In between sets, on the treadmill, or on the stationary bike, exercise is transformed to education.
  3. Waiting University: Bring something to read with you when you anticipate a painful wait: Airports, doctor’s offices, and your state’s brutal motor vehicle department. Don’t sit there and twiddle your thumbs— learn!
  4. Toilet University: Never throne without reading something of educational value. Extend your “sit time” (even after you finish) with the intent of learning something new, every single day. Toilet University is the best place to change learn, since it occurs daily and the time expenditure cannot be avoided. This means the return on your time investment is infinite! Toilet time transformed to education. 
  5. Jobbing University: If you can, read during work downtimes. Dead-end jobs transformed to education.
  6. TV-Time University: Can’t wean yourself off the TV? No problem; put a television near your workspace and simultaneously work your plan while the TV does its thing. Watching transformed to work and education.

Think about the time you already use. How many hours do you waste in the trivialities of life? This time doesn’t need to be lost, or wasted.

To start, choose a topic that interests you or an area in your life that needs improvement. Not good at sales or writing? Get to the library and start reading. I can’t stress enough that the more knowledge you consume, the more torque you create.

Source: The Millionaire Fastlane: Crack the Code to Wealth and Live Rich for a Lifetime – MJ DeMarco – Google Books

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