timelapse photography of stars at night

What Joy, Is To Know Everything Not?

What joy is to know everything not,
To revel in the mysteries life has brought,
For in the vastness of the unknown lies,
A world of wonders that never dies.

With each new day, a chance to explore,
To wander through realms unseen before,
Unshackled by the weight of absolute knowing,
A journey of learning, forever ongoing.

In the depths of ignorance, we find bliss,
A humble recognition, a lover’s first kiss,
For knowledge alone cannot quench our thirst,
It’s the quest for wisdom that truly comes first.

The whispers of truth, like elusive fireflies,
Dance in the shadows, where curiosity lies,
Embracing the questions that can’t be answered,
We find solace in the mysteries that have gathered.

For what is life without a sense of surprise,
Without the enchantment found in uncharted skies?
It’s the thrill of the chase, the pursuit of the unknown,
That kindles the embers where joy is sown.

So let us celebrate the realms unseen,
And cherish the spaces where knowledge convenes,
For in the humble admission of what we don’t know,
Lies the boundless potential for wonder to grow.

What joy is to know everything not,
To bask in the beauty that ignorance brought,
For in our yearning, in our humble quest,
We find the essence of knowledge’s true zest.

Inspired by Joy In Chaos (afro drill instrumental) prod. by holy drill, Prompted by #me, Generated by ChatGPT by OpenAI.

What Joy, Is To Know Everything Not?