Etiquette Lesson 1: Ugly vs Plain

The opposite of a beautiful or handsome person is…?
What? Wrong, not ugly. Nobody is ugly. If someone is not beautiful or handsome, they are plain, not ugly!
Beauty is merely a gift, an aesthetic gift. Just because someone is not aesthetically gifted, doesn’t mean they are aesthetically challenged.
Please also remember that beauty is relative, depending on many factors. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

For example, men who loved their mothers will most likely marry or be attracted to women who resemble their mothers. Same goes for women, those that loved their dads will likely marry or be attracted to men who resemble their fathers.

For men, if you loved your mother, you tend to like women whose skin colour closely resembles your mother’s skin colour. Same goes for height. Some go as far as liking petite women just because their mothers were petite. This is all unintentional, and you have no control over it.

For women, if your father was very supportive, very dependable and caring, you tend to prefer men who have one or several of his behaviour and physical characteristics. Some behaviours might be negative but because your father had then, you tend to be more tolerant of them; like smoking or taking alcohol. Other behaviours include watching football.

In short, watch your words. Listen to them[words] before speaking them.