Using Select2.js jQuery plugin

Lately, I have been on a project that required a heavy use of HTML select. I choose select2 after a period of comparison which other plugins like choose.js and selectize.js. it was very easy to get along, thanks to the almost enough documentation. i am writing this post to answer my own question which I […]

God doesn’t live, He exists…but Humans do

I will say this again so it doesn’t seem like I gave the wrong title, “GOD DOESN’T LIVE, HE EXISTS!” What do I mean? What is the difference between living and existing anyway? Living revolves and involves a purpose, but God doesn’t have a purpose for living, in fact, He doesn’t require to live (or […]


Long time ago (like 10 years back from today, 1/8/2015), I found a very small book in our home. I choose to take it, and I opted to understand what it contained. It had no cover page, and most of the last pages were not there, besides the remaining ones being torn. The remaining pages […]