September 2019

I Like

Image Downloaded from Facebook

There is something in this image; something normal, natural and pristine.

Everything about the image is in place, and the postures are decent and respectful.

Someone once told me that your woman should always sit, stand and walk on your left (man), and it seems like it in the image above…

Efforts to find and trace the above image from the internet were futile, ending up with a visually similar image, but not quite…

I Like
A Visually Similar Image From


when you are at the top, you need to be lucky always; but when you are at the bottom, you only need to be lucky once…

luck, the rarest of virtues

2 exceptions when giving/taking a bribe is understandable

There are only 2 exceptions when giving/taking a bribe is acceptable:

  1. When the size of your hope/vision/dream is smaller than the bribe. If all you ever hope to achieve is a million, then someone offers you a billion, then its understandable taking a bribe.
  2. When the absence of the bribe will result to a greater evil, like when someone’s life is at stake.

In all circumstances, its important to note that the exceptions listed above are based on reasoning, and when in such a crossroad, its only wise to seek a second opinion from your morality.


men show strength by self control, women exude strength by transcending limits…