Urantia book

+There are several parts i strongly disagree with Urantia book… A soul is a spirit…that’s a lie according to me, just because mercury is liquid as water doesn’t make mercury equivalent to water, a soul is God Himself within us… and God is not a spirit, else the Holy spirit wouldn’t exist!! The trinity of God is the existence of three independent principles within one… Just as we humans have spirit, soul and body…

Second, they have a very quire naming. “Divinigton”…that word is derived from divinity…just becouse they wanted us to believe their divine nature or divine message didn’t have to necessitate to  have them make their naming and terms relative…what i agree with the Urantia messagers is the part the acknowledge that even them there is knowledge they can’t or don’t possess either becouse they can comprehend, or its not allowed to them just as they aren’t allowed to share with us some information…that proofs the existence of the ALL-KNOWING deity that holds power and delegates knowledge and intelligence. That last line equates intelligence to quantifiable terms hence energy. Intelligence is energy just as gravity..

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