Better Than Google => Googolplexian

+i was disappointed when i did an image search at google and they couldn’t find a matching person. this got me thinking…what if we had a real-time search engine that is built on grounds of efficiency and reliability rather than performance and speed? Google,…

Durandal With Github Pages i just finished creating my resume using Durandal and github pages, and men, its awesome. The only down side is durandal isn’t very friendly with mobile devices or low internet connection. Source code at Github


Safaricom is Kenya’s best mobile service provider…but they suck, they are disgusting, they exploit, the only care about their profits, and their customer care line is always busy…ever busy!! I recently bought their data bundles at 10/= Kenya shilling for 10 MB and 10…

Validating my Campus registration Number using HTML5 validation

i am creating a project application for someone that i need that i need validating the registration number of a student… i wanted to follow the easiest was of doing it instead of using plugins… i need to validate the following numbers: IN17/24456/2012 in17/24456/12…

If this is not photoShop, then its owesome!!!

Tangible Media Tangible Media

Any one ever heard of “Wiggle stereoscopy”?

Wiggle stereoscopy is an example of stereoscopy in which left and right images of a stereo-gram are animated. This technique is also called wiggle 3-D or wobble 3-D, sometimes also Piku-Piku (Japanese for “twitching”).