Better Than Google => Googolplexian

+i was disappointed when i did an image search at google and they couldn’t find a matching person. this got me thinking…what if we had a real-time search engine that is built on grounds of efficiency and reliability rather than performance and speed? Google, the current fastest search engine, compares petty image properties like location of image, size, color, part of body (if person), optical character recognition, etc, etc… what if we had a real search engine that would actually search the internet by force and get each and every image or record in real-time without the necessity of indexing??!! i propose Googolplexian. I am a developer, and before my time is over on this planet, these are some of the things i want my children to enjoy…  I, ONE DAY, even if alone, will create such, brick by brick…

i want a search engine capable of searching by crazy deep and complex pattern recognition, however long it takes… I want a search that does voice synthesis and semantics to understand the actual search not just detecting and predicting the words that are on a voice… I want a human like search…

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Validating my Campus registration Number using HTML5 validation

i am creating a project application for someone that i need that i need validating the registration number of a student… i wanted to follow the easiest was of doing it instead of using plugins…

i need to validate the following numbers:

  1. IN17/24456/2012

  2. in17/24456/12

  3. 1Np17/24456/2012

  4. inP17/24456/12

AND HEY, these needs to be ultimately strict, as strict as possible…

here is HTML5 magic

<input pattern="(?:[A-Za-z]{2}[0-9]{2}|[A-Za-z]{2}[Pp]{1}[0-9]{2})\/[0-9]{5}\/([1-2]{1}[90]{1}[0-9]{2}|[901]{1}[0-9]{1})" required/>
<input type="submit" value="Reistration number"/>

here is the a demo

and the application on apphabour

and the github repo

NB: i havent implemented this yet, but i will very soon…

please vote for my above Appharbour Application

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