The Ultimatum [Part 1]

Me:               I have decided, as from this moment, I will transcend everything and anyone who displeases and stands on my way… Myself:           that looks heavy, don’t you think? Me:                 well yes, and exactly… I have undergone under so grieving and deep pressure, I haven’t structurally changes, but I have mutated as a […]


There’s a beauty only and just one can poses, The kind that is not in the heart, but is the heart, That beauty that lingers the skin and gives the wings, Not hot, not sexy, not cute, not even beautiful, but immaculate, Eyes not doll, but a door of light of sublime purity and finest […]

Who Am I?

Che gelida manina, Rodolfo’s aria from La Bohème Che gelida manina, What a frozen little hand, se la lasci riscaldar. let me warm it for you. Cercar che giova? What’s the use of looking? Al buio non si trova. We won’t find it in the dark. Ma per fortuna But luckily é una notte di […]