What don’t you complain about? You complain about what they do and what they don’t; You complain how the economy is, and how it is not; You complain when it rains and when the sun is shining; You complain when things go well as…

Now that am here, now that we are here;

Now that am here, now that we are here; What shall I lose to say what I didn’t like about you? You cooked good meals I know… You washed my clothes well… You tendered our house always… But that’s not what I choose you…

A life Like Damn

You uphold gentleness,Bullies tag along; You observe righteousness,Troubles follow you; You love, like really love,They eat your heart; The silent knows,What the quiet says; The wise understand,What the learned speaks; The lonely feels, the lonely sees,The art in beauty;


I can’t have both, and I can’t half me; I love one, and want no other; Sometimes maybe, but not a lifetime; These two will pass, and this too shall pass; Give me a loan, and leave me alone; I do want some, I…

Always Right

My expectation may be wrong, but my reaction is always right; My judgment may be flawed but my intent is always right; My argument may be biased but my statement is always right;


I want two, because I can, too;Down in me, is a will to be great;Upload in me, the keys to greatness; Inspire in me, a higher philosophy;Fill in me, the desire for altruism; But please, let me remain humble;

You slice my heart

It is the feeling I get, when I look; I feel half apart, when I see; I gasp to remain arrive, when I look again; If what I see is, then what I feel is;

The genius of a woman

Baby you are the best, you are the very best; I wonder how you know all this construction stuff; You really are a genius, the others are just caretakers; Honey you are very intelligent, why don’t they listen to you? You were born to…

´╗┐The dreaded

Hey pretty lady? You are really pretty. *Thanks. *Do you say that to all ladies? No i don’t Actually you are the first It has been my yearly resolution for a while *You mean am the first…? No. I have seen extremely pretty girls…

Lines of Weakness

I did notice the lines of weakness; They were not necessary in the solid wall; So why does evil exist? It doesn’t! There is just an empty space, like a line of weakness; The empty space is a will, the free will; It’s how…