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What Joy, Is To Know Everything Not?

What joy is to know everything not,
To revel in the mysteries life has brought,
For in the vastness of the unknown lies,
A world of wonders that never dies.

With each new day, a chance to explore,
To wander through realms unseen before,
Unshackled by the weight of absolute knowing,
A journey of learning, forever ongoing.

In the depths of ignorance, we find bliss,
A humble recognition, a lover’s first kiss,
For knowledge alone cannot quench our thirst,
It’s the quest for wisdom that truly comes first.

The whispers of truth, like elusive fireflies,
Dance in the shadows, where curiosity lies,
Embracing the questions that can’t be answered,
We find solace in the mysteries that have gathered.

For what is life without a sense of surprise,
Without the enchantment found in uncharted skies?
It’s the thrill of the chase, the pursuit of the unknown,
That kindles the embers where joy is sown.

So let us celebrate the realms unseen,
And cherish the spaces where knowledge convenes,
For in the humble admission of what we don’t know,
Lies the boundless potential for wonder to grow.

What joy is to know everything not,
To bask in the beauty that ignorance brought,
For in our yearning, in our humble quest,
We find the essence of knowledge’s true zest.

Inspired by Joy In Chaos (afro drill instrumental) prod. by holy drill, Prompted by #me, Generated by ChatGPT by OpenAI.

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Growth / Progress / Success

Growth = Increasing material possessions in all ways or turnover.

Progress = Growth + Ethics (discipline, honesty, norms)

Success = Progress + Morality + Spirituality + Humanity

~ Pujya Gyanvatsal Swami
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A Common Man

A common man wants everything without doing anything;

He wants to live without touch with reality and be in touch with reality;

He tries to be free by using all his time making money;

He wishes for some miracle but never thought of being a miracle;

He sees something to complain about and nothing to be grateful for;

He uses his mouth only for himself, to eat;

He never stands up for anything or anyone;

He agrees with those he likes and disagrees with those he doesn’t like;

He accuses others of not helping him to be responsible;

He disapproves of what he approves to maintain a conversation;

A poor man’s greeting

Just because you can afford it, doesn’t qualify you to have it…


Where the gun is pointing is more important than who is holding the gun;

If a child threatens you, don’t ignore the threat…as the saying goes, the most dangerous people are those with nothing to loose or everything to loose


When dealing with someone feeling inferior, you can’t be confident;
When dealing with someone insecure, you can’t be honest;
A poor man’s greetings is mistaken for begging;

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What You Tolerate

What You Tolerate, You Allow;

What you permit, you promote;

What you allow, you encourage;

What you condone, you own;


There is a power inside,
A power that wants out,
An out that doesn't exist,
That doesn't exist yet,
Yet it must be,
Because why would it feel so real,
So real if it didn't exist,
Just give me a chance
A moment to realize the out,
Maybe to imagine it into being,
To believe it exists,
To create it,
To know it,
To go there,
There where my energy is,
Where I am complete,
There where I am whole;
Where I am who I am;
Where I am me;
Where I can be me;
I can do me;
I can live me
I can live true
There where I will live true,
Authentic and genuine to myself
To my being;
To my nature
To my original purpose
As I am
Just let me free
Please let me free;
Set me free,
Set me free, time;
Set me free, soul;
Be free,
Be free, me
Be free;

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Moral Luck, another Christian view.

Some people are “saints” because they don’t have an opportunity to indulge their lust…
The bible talks of people who can speak in tongues but don’t have love, they will not see Heaven. The bible then talks of people who do good and believe they are righteous, they will not see God.
God searches the heart!

The gospel of our saviour Jesus rests on the fact that we are all equal in our sinful nature and equal in potential to learn and to be righteous. The only difference is our circumstances. Just because you have less demanding circumstances doesn’t make you better at managing time. Just because you have one thing to focus on doesn’t make you better at focusing on one thing. We learn we grow, then we teach. A teacher shall not despise a student. A student shall not look down upon another student.