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COVID-19, Christianity and Common sense.

There is a problem with extremists, naturally! Even doing good or living well in an unhealthy high levels can become toxic.

Someone is not following COVID-19 health guidelines because they believe in God. These are the people who make a mockery of Christianity, and God Himself (if God is male). From the bible, The Parable of the Talents tells us of a savant who was foolish and hid his talent because it was very small, and didn’t multiply it. I liken this to common sense. its is such a small gift that we often ignore. You don’t have to be mentally ill to appreciate having a functioning brain.

You pray to God to bless your child so that they are successful in future. Your prayer is answered and your child goes to become an expert medical practitioner. If we assume that it is by Gods blessing that your child became a doctor, then we should accept that when he professionally speaks, he is speaking on behalf of God. So, in essence, God is trying to save your life by asking you to social distance, asking you to wash your hands, sanitize and always wear a mask. But you disobey Him [God], yet you claim you are a Christian and God will protect you… How?

Do not be overrighteous, neither be overwise– why destroy yourself?

Ecclesiastes 7:16

When the children of Israel were bitten by wild snakes, they cried to God. God responded by instructing Moses to build a bronze snake

So Moses made a bronze snake and put it up on a pole. Then when anyone was bitten by a snake and looked at the bronze snake, they lived.

Numbers 21:9

It is not that God could not just heal them automatically, or kill all the snakes, but there needed a personal decision and action towards the healing. It is similar to fasting. You do not fast because God cant hear your prayers, or your prayers are strong when you are hungry. It is usually an act of physical obedience.

Spiritual release follows physical obedience.


Times has changed, really changed. Using your common sense is not a sin.

Parmenides gave a one-line about reality, he said, “Whatever is, is”.
When Heraclitus came along, he came and said, “No, no, whatever is, is changing. You do not enter into the same river twice”.
Cratylus came along and went even one better. He said, “Actually, you don’t even step into the same river once, because not only is the river changing, you’re changing all along at the same time”

Ravi Zacharias – Hamilton Open Forum