Better Than Google => Googolplexian

+i was disappointed when i did an image search at google and they couldn’t find a matching person. this got me thinking…what if we had a real-time search engine that is built on grounds of efficiency and reliability rather than performance and speed? Google,…

+now that #Donald has taken the white house,

+now that #Donald has taken the white house, #whitehouse, there are several changes that you might experience, thing like writing the word #usa in small letters might get you into #trouble or writing without #dots between the initials…to be on the safe side, let…

Ed Ames – Who Will Answer

I believe songs play a great deal importance in everyone’s lives. I have the utmost respect of songwriters, since they are very bold in recognizing the deepest questions that hurt most… Source: Ed Ames – Who Will Answer

Fake; Make; Take;

She was enough, he was rough, she was tough; He was light, she was night, he was’ knight; She was dark, he was’ lark, she was’ shark; He was serious, she was mysterious, he was furious;