Month: March 2018

Njira ikura igiaga ime kwina riua ~ Kikuyu proverb

njira ikura igiaga ime kwina riua ( mundu ukura datungaga wao )

persistent resistance to advice is the road to misery

this is a Kikuyu proverb promoting adherence to counsel and being susceptible to instructions.

Mess With Me

mess with my beingness;
i will take it;
because i value myself more;

mess with my money;
i might take it;
because i can always make more;

but mess with my time;
you’ll have crossed the line;
because i can never recover time lost!

The Kenyan immunity to impunity…



I am a good citizen, because I am a law abiding Kenyan. I also happen to pay for things I want which consequently translates to me paying taxes. I work hard, I help my country men when I can (and I want to). But one thing that really gets so deep into my nerves is someone taking advantage of me, and continues to laugh at me with their friends and still affords the luxury of a free man because there is nothing I can do about it. What hurts even worse is the fact that they are your elder sibling who are supposed to protect you. Tell me, am I not justified to be angry?


Why does Matiangi think he is above the law?!

Even Uhuru went to Hague while a president! Matiangi is a performer I agree, but an extremist performer. An inferno might require extreme measures, but a mild situation barely requires the use of force. Mahatma Gandhi envisioned a revolution without blood, and he achieved it. Surely, Matiangi could use some pre-school curriculum! I mean, how do you expect me to obey the law if the person guarding the law is breaking it? I don’t care what important meetings you have, just appear in the damn court! You can respond like Boinet if you want to, but just be a leader when its most needed and match up to the court room! It is uncouth to disobey court orders. Miguna Miguna issue could be anything from a national security to a weak man’s desperate demand for respect, but law is law, and it governs everyone. But still, deporting Miguna to Dubai?? It still doesn’t make sense to me…


Why is Kenyatta not in power?

I mean, really, can someone please tell Uhuru to take the steering wheel and drive this country. How is Matiangi doing all this unquestioned? I really, really, really liked Kibaki. He governed with wisdom. He didn’t want a legacy, he just did what was right for all Kenyans. We had near zero national debts, now look at where we are! Uhuru Kenyatta is a great guy for sure, I don’t know but I’ll bet he is a good man too, but we need him to be our president now!


Is this the Kenya we want?

Personally speaking, had I not been a Kenyan, I would never invest here. Anyone in government can just walk in your business and say,

“hello, is this YYY enterprises? I want everything you have earned under my name!”

I don’t feel safe anymore. I fear for my just country men too. If this I what Raila was fighting for, then let’s make him the president (excluding kalonzo, weta, and ma-dvd). I am willing to vote in Joho in exchange of impunity. Billions meant for medical sector were stolen and not a single soul has been prosecuted! Yet, we blame hospital officials for negligence and misconduct when the real culprit is the government! How do you blame your legs for taking you where you don’t want to go? It’s the head that is the problem. We are being led with psychopathic mentality meant to instill fear through intimidation.


What can we do?

Personally, I really don’t know! But am open to any practical idea. Is there a petition we can sign? Can we rally? Can we demonstrate? Can we boycott anything? I really am open to any practical idea! I have never been to the streets demonstrating for anything, but if this is the course, then I will…


YOLO => “you only live once” or in Latin, “carpe diem” (“seize the day“). We live when we risk…of course accountably and thoughtfully!
You never know how marvelous and talented you are, you never know what skills you can learn.