March 2018

Njira ikura igiaga ime kwina riua ~ Kikuyu proverb

njira ikura igiaga ime kwina riua ( mundu ukura datungaga wao )

persistent resistance to advice is the road to misery

this is a Kikuyu proverb promoting adherence to counsel and being susceptible to instructions.

Mess With Me

mess with my beingness;
i will take it;
because i value myself more;

mess with my money;
i might take it;
because i can always make more;

but mess with my time;
you’ll have crossed the line;
because i can never recover time lost!


YOLO => “you only live once” or in Latin, “carpe diem” (“seize the day“). We live when we risk…of course accountably and thoughtfully!
You never know how marvelous and talented you are, you never know what skills you can learn.