Who am I?

I am in you, you can’t see me;

I am with you, you can’t lie to me;

I am above you, I know your strength;

I am below you, you discredit me;

I am before you, I know your plans;

I am behind you, I know your weakness;

I am beyond you, you can’t define me;

I am without you, and within you;

Who am I?


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Curiosity is not bad

Of late I’ve been thinking about witches. Where they draw their powers, how they come to possess the powers and how they are able to use them. Because, if you really live in earth physically, you will have noticed that witches really do exist, even in the bible!! Saul went to a witch who could summon the spirit of a prophet of God (1 Samuel 28:11), and in the New Testament, Paul, who was Saul (funny coincidence…) rebuked an evil spirit from a girl who seemed too wise for her age and context (Acts 16:18).

This came at a period I didn’t have solid supporting evidence of how God can be an infinite mind, or how God really is connected to everything. I have always have had confidence in the believe that God is the soul. And humans that live on earth possess that part of God! And that is why am more inclined to make a rather solid conclusion that human are gods. God created gods. God wanted to be worshiped by beings that where very self-aware of their actions. And that is why he probably planted the tree of knowledge of good and evil where he created the first man. So, how is God connected to all this?? God is the resting place!! God is the infinite mind where everything existed, where everything rests, where everything lives, where everything still exists! And that is why, these terrestrial spirits need a soul, like the one God gave to humans, hence a person is needed for the powers of the spirits to work. That explains why God was able to create the universe with just a word of mouth, because He harbors the Holy Spirit, Who is actually seven very powerful spirits (Revelation 1:4; 3:1; 4:5; and 5:6).

See this, after you are preached to the gospel, you are told that you can receive the Holy Spirit. Does everyone receive it? No, we all agree on that! But it doesn’t mean that those who don’t receive it are less humans, or less capable of harboring a spirit! It only means that they are not completely self-conscious enough. If they received more knowledge, they start to understand and after continuous meditation, they start to become self-aware of their place, role and their part in creation, which leads to not necessarily receiving the Holy Spirit, but very high inner self importance.

In an occurrence that they receive the Holy Spirit, they start to prophesy, command nature, speak of things to come, and perform miracles. Why? Because they have possessed enough room in their mind to harbor the Holy Spirit, which now works through them! Partially, that proofs the existence of another form of life that can inhibit the other (non-breathers according to the book of Urantia), but that’s a talk of another day. (On page 564 The Urantia Book, it says: “Life on the worlds of the non-breathers is radically different from what it is on Urantia. The non- breathers do not eat food or drink water as do the Urantia races. The reactions of the nervous system, the heat-regulating mechanism, and the metabolism of these specialized peoples are radically different from such functions of Urantia mortals. Almost every act of living, aside from reproduction, differs, and even the methods of procreation are somewhat different.”)

So, I stand to be corrected but confident in the believe in the quote by a famous mathematician Kurt Godel of the 1970’s. Godel felt that through the principles of modal logic that a higher being must exist. He argued that, “God is that for which no greater can be conceived. And while God exists in the understanding of the concept, we could conceive of him as greater if he existed in reality. Therefore, he must exist.” What am I trying to say? Without God, there would be no such thing as space and time upon which everything depends on. Because God, through His infinite mind, which we successfully defined as a resting place for everything, hence an infinite basic foundation upon which everything exists, can never be consumed by the infinite ever growing time-space, without whom, space would not have a room to expand to! Science calls it God’s particle (Higgs boson or Higgs particle). It is the particle believed to give mass to things, hence matter. The particle’s existence helps confirm the theory that objects gain their size and shape when particles interact in an energy field with the Higgs boson particle. The more they attract, so the theory goes, the bigger their mass will be. Can you smell magnetism in that last line? Does magnetism hint something about gravity? Well, by now gravity should tell you something about unseen forces…terrestrial forces to be precise! You can also imagine earth as a single particle in space-time, attracted to a solar system, in a certain galaxy! By the way, no one have ever been able to confidently define magnetism, we can only predict the behavior of magnetism, and that’s the farthest we go as of understanding magnetism! (Read here: http://www.bermuda-triangle.org/the__triangle__machine_.html )

In conclusion, God is the infinite mind hence the infinite foundation of everything…

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Knowledge is Power

God made the universe, made animal, made plants, and created the humans. He then made humans in charge of everything. He made human a god on earth. That is biblically true since during creation of Humans, God said, “Let Us create an image with our own likeness”. The likeness of God is being God, so we are gods…
Our intelligence helps us keep all other creatures under control. We don’t have to be as strong as elephants, or brave as lions, or fast as cheetahs… We are automatically in control of nature.
But there is something we can’t control even if we were given the means to. Its Evolution. Trying or even thinking to control Evolution is like being a cannibal, and starting to feed on your own body. There is a line separating what we know, what we can know, and what no one will ever know, like the details of life, soul, and spirit…
Any being with a slightly higher knowledge than humans on earth has us in control. The being can do whatever it wishes with us, all because we would never comprehend. Knowledge directly determines the level of control we have. That is why there are ranks at work to grade employees according to experience, and skills.

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Who will go to Heaven?

If there’s heaven, all good souls will go there…and note that I didn’t say “good people”, I said “good souls”…
When Christian kids are born, they look exactly identical to those of Russians’, they got similar behavior as those of Indians’, they cry the same as American kids, they grow at the same rate as those of Muslims, and they breath OXYGEN as Hindu kids do…
But if you bring together five year old kids from all those different regions and religions, you’ll find that they are totally different…and different in almost every aspect… This is because of the different environments they are brought up. So, as of now, we can safely and legally make a valid conclusion that the difference between humans is their environments… If we serve the real God who created the beginning of all human beings, and put them in different regions and environments, then there is no way He can just judge/hate/forsake His own creation, not unless His design was wrong!!!

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