May 2019

The art of convincing people

Know your numbers.

Whenever you talk about anything always quote the numbers.

Say 2 out of 20 people have this or that…, 60% of children are this or that…, et cetera.

Have your facts right.

Know what you really know, what you just have a clue about and what you don’t know.

In connection to that, treat all unconfirmed information as rumors and take an effort to research and confirm that bits of knowledge that interest’s you.

Be fast to acknowledge what you don’t know or just shut up.

Tell a story.

If the discussion is about a relative topic, package your point in a story.

Tell it so well that even if someone doesn’t agree with your point, they at least agree with your story; and trust me, you have convinced them already.


Image from Markus Spiske

What don’t you complain about?

You complain about what they do and what they don’t;

You complain how the economy is, and how it is not;

You complain when it rains and when the sun is shining;

You complain when things go well as well as unwell;

You complain when you work and when its luck;

You complain when you are hungry and when you’ve overeaten;

You complain how life is unfair and when it fairly treats you;

You ask for more freedom but wish for less responsibility;

Now that am here, now that we are here;

Image from Pixabay

Now that am here, now that we are here;

What shall I lose to say what I didn’t like about you?

You cooked good meals I know…

You washed my clothes well…

You tendered our house always…

But that’s not what I choose you for;

I wanted a helper, you were;

I wanted love, you were;

I wanted to be loved, you did;

I wanted someone your shape,

I wanted someone your height,

I wanted someone your smile,

I wanted someone your charisma,

I wanted someone your aura,

I wanted anything and everything you.

And now we got to say goodbyes,

I wish you a beautiful life,

I wish you prosperous endeavors,

I wish you fruitful encounters.

I loved you like my heart,

I grew to love you more than me,

I had matured in love with you,

You helped me learn true love,

I learnt…

For anything I did wrong, bear my apologies.

I did it all with good intention.

I would ask you to stay once more,

But I don’t want to live doing that,

Go well and live well,

I hope we meet sometime and somewhere we are both happy,

I wish you success and luck in love,

Am sorry if you didn’t feel loved by me,

I realize there are some things I don’t want to change about me,

As I realize there are some things you won’t compromise either,

Am really, really sorry for anything that hurt you, it was never intentional,

Don’t worry about me, I will be fine, I’ll try to be fine…

A life Like Damn

Image from Marina Shatskih

You uphold gentleness,
Bullies tag along;

You observe righteousness,
Troubles follow you;

You love, like really love,
They eat your heart;

The silent knows,
What the quiet says;

The wise understand,
What the learned speaks;

The lonely feels, the lonely sees,
The art in beauty;



I can’t have both, and I can’t half me;

I love one, and want no other;

Sometimes maybe, but not a lifetime;

These two will pass, and this too shall pass;

Give me a loan, and leave me alone;

I do want some, I want the awesome;

Always Right

Image from Jens Johnsson

My expectation may be wrong, but my reaction is always right;

My judgment may be flawed but my intent is always right;

My argument may be biased but my statement is always right;

Jesus, be who you claim to be

Jesus, be who you claim to be;

Reveal yourself unto me;

In one way or the other;

Make yourself known;

To a point I will say;

There is no other explanation;

For what is happening;

Other than you are on my trail;

Prayer by Ravi Zacharias


Image from Aaron Burden

I want two, because I can, too;
Down in me, is a will to be great;
Upload in me, the keys to greatness;

Inspire in me, a higher philosophy;
Fill in me, the desire for altruism;
But please, let me remain humble;

You slice my heart

Image from Terricks Noah

It is the feeling I get, when I look;

I feel half apart, when I see;

I gasp to remain arrive, when I look again;

If what I see is, then what I feel is;