Lines of Weakness

I did notice the lines of weakness;

They were not necessary in the solid wall;

So why does evil exist? It doesn’t!

There is just an empty space, like a line of weakness;

The empty space is a will, the free will;

It’s how far we can will, so damn little;

We could be perfect, we could be strong;

We would be all the same, we would be one;

We would all fall once, if we ever did;

We would be weakened by the strength;

So we needed to be individuals;

We needed to be weak;

We needed to be free;

Then we wanted to be selfish, to occupy another’s space;

Then we wanted to be unloving, love was monotonous;

So there is no evil, we just desire evil;

We are not molded to desire evil, we are just free to choose it.

Evil is what is adjacent good;

Evil is pricking your neighbor;

Evil is not loving your neighbor;

Evil is what we would not like done unto us;

Lines of Weakness