A life Like Damn

Image from Marina Shatskih

You uphold gentleness,
Bullies tag along;

You observe righteousness,
Troubles follow you;

You love, like really love,
They eat your heart;

The silent knows,
What the quiet says;

The wise understand,
What the learned speaks;

The lonely feels, the lonely sees,
The art in beauty;



I can’t have both, and I can’t half me;

I love one, and want no other;

Sometimes maybe, but not a lifetime;

These two will pass, and this too shall pass;

Give me a loan, and leave me alone;

I do want some, I want the awesome;

Always Right

Image from Jens Johnsson

My expectation may be wrong, but my reaction is always right;

My judgment may be flawed but my intent is always right;

My argument may be biased but my statement is always right;

Jesus, be who you claim to be

Jesus, be who you claim to be;

Reveal yourself unto me;

In one way or the other;

Make yourself known;

To a point I will say;

There is no other explanation;

For what is happening;

Other than you are on my trail;

Prayer by Ravi Zacharias


Image from Damien Howell Physical Therapy

Feeling empowered towards self-advancement, while feeling labored towards a shared interest, and feeling tortured towards the benefit of another.



Image from Aaron Burden

I want two, because I can, too;
Down in me, is a will to be great;
Upload in me, the keys to greatness;

Inspire in me, a higher philosophy;
Fill in me, the desire for altruism;
But please, let me remain humble;

You slice my heart

Image from Terricks Noah

It is the feeling I get, when I look;

I feel half apart, when I see;

I gasp to remain arrive, when I look again;

If what I see is, then what I feel is;

The genius of a woman

Image from pexels.com

Baby you are the best, you are the very best;
I wonder how you know all this construction stuff;
You really are a genius, the others are just caretakers;

Honey you are very intelligent, why don’t they listen to you?
You were born to code the perfect and intelligent software;
Your fellows will perish if they don’t take note of your words.

Darling you are handsome, like really cute;
You are slim, light skinned and strong;
You are an embodiment of manly perfection;

Sweetheart you are the man, a real African man;
You got a big potbelly like a real (odi) boss;
Forget the slay boys, you are the true African gentleman;

You got a good heart my husband, an honest conductor;
You treat passengers with respect, and never short charge them;
The driver is the one who mistreats the passengers.

You are a genius driver my man;
You know all the road rules and follow them to dot;
Your calling is to save animal lives by ambulancing them.

You are a business guru my love;
While the others are in business, business is in you;
You carry a true entrepreneurial revolution;

God resides in you my husband, a legendary pastor;
Everyone else is a sinner, and you are our shepherd;
You got a spiritual calling, not like other fake pastors.

Baby you are a very professional accountant;
You do maths like it’s no brainer;
Your employer needs to salute you for single-handedly keeping the company afloat.

Honey you are a scientist from another planet;
You know stuff that we have not discovered;
You are Albert Einstein incarnate.

Beb you’re so wise, and charming, and fun;
You make a woman feel important and loved;
I know you will have money and be rich one day;

Swits you a hustler, a real genius hustler;
You take care of our bills by betting;
I know you will one day hit the jackpot;

You are the greatest doctor in Africa currently;
You treat even diseases you don’t understand;
It’s like God works inside you and through you;

Darling you are the most powerful man;
You battled your opponents and won the election.
If they say you rigged, why didn’t they?

The dreaded

Photo by Mean Shadows on Unsplash
Photo by Mean Shadows on Unsplash

Hey pretty lady?
You are really pretty.

*Do you say that to all ladies?

No i don’t

Actually you are the first
It has been my yearly resolution for a while

*You mean am the first…?

No. I have seen extremely pretty girls and ladies but none was beautiful enough to get me saying that.

*What’s your name?

Am Charles, Kabue Charles

*Well Charles, Kabue Charles, you really fluttered my evening.
*Am honored…

Pleasure is all mine. You really are pretty, from behide and especially infront

*(confused wink)

I mean your gracious shape, you really are, (sigh, huhhh..!), just something out of ordinally, a

*So Charles, who is Charles?

Charles is a gentleman engaged to the most dearest sweetheart…

*(uninterested facial expression)


*So you are taken?


*Like really taken or charming taken?

Like really taken.
I will tell you a secret, if you swear to never tell

*(interested facial expression)

I need you to promise.

*I promise.

No, I mean, swear…

*I swear never to tell

And when you tell?

*If i tell, may…may, i don’t know…what would you wish to happen to pretty me?

If you tell, you will say yes to any request of mine, regardless of the consequence.

*Yes. Yes. I accept.
*Whats the secret?

As it should be, i only have eyes for one.

*(almost fearful eyes)

And so i will not request your number, but i will call you one.
I will not ask your name, but i shall remember you as beautiful.
If we happen to cross paths again on a beautiful sunny day,
Or a sad rainy evening,
I shall peek your check, or maybe dance where ever we shall meet,
Right there in public, or private
And so i shall now leave for home, because its late.

*You stood me up here and shall not walk me to where i pick my bus?
*Are you not a gentleman?

Where are my manners,… of course i will

*shall i hold your hand?

if its alright with you, it would my pleasure to have your hand held my mine.

*You really are a charmer…
*Where do you stay?

You mean we?

*You know what am asking…
*What would she do if you didn’t go home?

Which question shall i answer first?

*You do like saying ‘shall’ a lot



Maybe am just old

*No its not old, just different, gentlemanly…

I like being different

*You are and cute
*I get my bus here…
*So Charles,
*What was your other name?

Kabue. Kabue Charles…

*They sound amazing, and important.


*May i confess something?

Am listening…

*Or could you tell me something sweet to remember, until we meet again?

You are as gracious than all that has been gracious.

*There is how you say things, or talk; that i like…

Am glad you appreciate my humor.

*Am sure you read that from somewhere

I don’t read stuff, i write…

*Oooh, you do have a way with words, ah?
*You heard from somewhere?

(i smile back)

*I gotta go.
*Its late
*And  i need to wake up early tomorrow.
*I will be walking the same route from today
*Please pass by at the same time through where we meet.
*(peeks my cheek)
*(walks to be bus door)
*(looks behind to see me, looks for a moment…)
*(proceeds to the bus…)
*(stops, just before entering…)
*(immediately, just like after wanting to turn back, the dreaded goddess disappears into the bus)

Lines of Weakness

I did notice the lines of weakness;

They were not necessary in the solid wall;

So why does evil exist? It doesn’t!

There is just an empty space, like a line of weakness;

The empty space is a will, the free will;

It’s how far we can will, so damn little;

We could be perfect, we could be strong;

We would be all the same, we would be one;

We would all fall once, if we ever did;

We would be weakened by the strength;

So we needed to be individuals;

We needed to be weak;

We needed to be free;

Then we wanted to be selfish, to occupy another’s space;

Then we wanted to be unloving, love was monotonous;

So there is no evil, we just desire evil;

We are not molded to desire evil, we are just free to choose it.

Evil is what is adjacent good;

Evil is pricking your neighbor;

Evil is not loving your neighbor;

Evil is what we would not like done unto us;