The Hardening

Am i the one who is seeing different things, or am i seeing things differently, or are things really different?The journey to Christianity as described in the The Pilgrim’s Progress could correctly be renamed as Hardening. As Urantia books puts it… You cannot perceive spiritual truth until you feelingly experience it, and many truths are …

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Just Right

You smell just right, You sound exactly perfect, You walk exactly straight, Thank you for being mine, my love.


What don’t you complain about? You complain about what they do and what they don’t; You complain how the economy is, and how it is not; You complain when it rains and when the sun is shining; You complain when things go well as well as unwell; You complain when you work and when its …

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A life Like Damn

You uphold gentleness,Bullies tag along; You observe righteousness,Troubles follow you; You love, like really love,They eat your heart; The silent knows,What the quiet says; The wise understand,What the learned speaks; The lonely feels, the lonely sees,The art in beauty;


I can’t have both, and I can’t half me; I love one, and want no other; Sometimes maybe, but not a lifetime; These two will pass, and this too shall pass; Give me a loan, and leave me alone; I do want some, I want the awesome;