The genius of a woman

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Baby you are the best, you are the very best;
I wonder how you know all this construction stuff;
You really are a genius, the others are just caretakers;

Honey you are very intelligent, why don’t they listen to you?
You were born to code the perfect and intelligent software;
Your fellows will perish if they don’t take note of your words.

Darling you are handsome, like really cute;
You are slim, light skinned and strong;
You are an embodiment of manly perfection;

Sweetheart you are the man, a real African man;
You got a big potbelly like a real (odi) boss;
Forget the slay boys, you are the true African gentleman;

You got a good heart my husband, an honest conductor;
You treat passengers with respect, and never short charge them;
The driver is the one who mistreats the passengers.

You are a genius driver my man;
You know all the road rules and follow them to dot;
Your calling is to save animal lives by ambulancing them.

You are a business guru my love;
While the others are in business, business is in you;
You carry a true entrepreneurial revolution;

God resides in you my husband, a legendary pastor;
Everyone else is a sinner, and you are our shepherd;
You got a spiritual calling, not like other fake pastors.

Baby you are a very professional accountant;
You do maths like it’s no brainer;
Your employer needs to salute you for single-handedly keeping the company afloat.

Honey you are a scientist from another planet;
You know stuff that we have not discovered;
You are Albert Einstein incarnate.

Beb you’re so wise, and charming, and fun;
You make a woman feel important and loved;
I know you will have money and be rich one day;

Swits you a hustler, a real genius hustler;
You take care of our bills by betting;
I know you will one day hit the jackpot;

You are the greatest doctor in Africa currently;
You treat even diseases you don’t understand;
It’s like God works inside you and through you;

Darling you are the most powerful man;
You battled your opponents and won the election.
If they say you rigged, why didn’t they?