The dreaded

Photo by Mean Shadows on Unsplash
Photo by Mean Shadows on Unsplash

Hey pretty lady?
You are really pretty.

*Do you say that to all ladies?

No i don’t

Actually you are the first
It has been my yearly resolution for a while

*You mean am the first…?

No. I have seen extremely pretty girls and ladies but none was beautiful enough to get me saying that.

*What’s your name?

Am Charles, Kabue Charles

*Well Charles, Kabue Charles, you really fluttered my evening.
*Am honored…

Pleasure is all mine. You really are pretty, from behide and especially infront

*(confused wink)

I mean your gracious shape, you really are, (sigh, huhhh..!), just something out of ordinally, a

*So Charles, who is Charles?

Charles is a gentleman engaged to the most dearest sweetheart…

*(uninterested facial expression)


*So you are taken?


*Like really taken or charming taken?

Like really taken.
I will tell you a secret, if you swear to never tell

*(interested facial expression)

I need you to promise.

*I promise.

No, I mean, swear…

*I swear never to tell

And when you tell?

*If i tell, may…may, i don’t know…what would you wish to happen to pretty me?

If you tell, you will say yes to any request of mine, regardless of the consequence.

*Yes. Yes. I accept.
*Whats the secret?

As it should be, i only have eyes for one.

*(almost fearful eyes)

And so i will not request your number, but i will call you one.
I will not ask your name, but i shall remember you as beautiful.
If we happen to cross paths again on a beautiful sunny day,
Or a sad rainy evening,
I shall peek your check, or maybe dance where ever we shall meet,
Right there in public, or private
And so i shall now leave for home, because its late.

*You stood me up here and shall not walk me to where i pick my bus?
*Are you not a gentleman?

Where are my manners,… of course i will

*shall i hold your hand?

if its alright with you, it would my pleasure to have your hand held my mine.

*You really are a charmer…
*Where do you stay?

You mean we?

*You know what am asking…
*What would she do if you didn’t go home?

Which question shall i answer first?

*You do like saying ‘shall’ a lot



Maybe am just old

*No its not old, just different, gentlemanly…

I like being different

*You are and cute
*I get my bus here…
*So Charles,
*What was your other name?

Kabue. Kabue Charles…

*They sound amazing, and important.


*May i confess something?

Am listening…

*Or could you tell me something sweet to remember, until we meet again?

You are as gracious than all that has been gracious.

*There is how you say things, or talk; that i like…

Am glad you appreciate my humor.

*Am sure you read that from somewhere

I don’t read stuff, i write…

*Oooh, you do have a way with words, ah?
*You heard from somewhere?

(i smile back)

*I gotta go.
*Its late
*And  i need to wake up early tomorrow.
*I will be walking the same route from today
*Please pass by at the same time through where we meet.
*(peeks my cheek)
*(walks to be bus door)
*(looks behind to see me, looks for a moment…)
*(proceeds to the bus…)
*(stops, just before entering…)
*(immediately, just like after wanting to turn back, the dreaded goddess disappears into the bus)