Aitutaki Dream

I am so I become. I can so I will. I can’t draw but I can create an artist doing a piece of art with a trillionth pixel-quality. I conceive intelligence without as if I knew within. If incarnation is real then that’s why. My dreams are concretely and abstractly real where I smell, taste as well as feel what I touch. I can playback my forgotten past experiences, sometimes unconsciously, as though they have never existed. My mind can guess real words I have never heard of and define them with acute precision. I am in every way superior to my former self in my deductions and reactions. I live within an infinite ream of realities hence consciously existing as the same me within different existential dimensions.

I will be remembered! They will recite my words like an anthem. They will recall me like Krishna. I. I choose to live forever. To eternity. Forever and ever.

By gravity assist I will do it all. I just have to find the right trajectory! The pin-point exit point within me for my strength to burst out. For my divinity to shape my imaginations into realities. Can’t I untie my tie? Can’t I transcend my mortality? I can so I will! It doesn’t matter how many times I fall, like a phoenix, I shall always rise.