I Will


I will survive the suffering of ignorance;

I will live for a millennium;

I will heal myself from the illness of guilt;

I will recover my trust, hope and my happiness;

Like a talon I shall…

Reborn and rejuvenated, like a phoenix I shall rise;



All heads bow, all heads rise;

All everything kneel, all everything submit;

Be good, be bad;

What I say shall be done;

They will listen, they will act on my voice;

Fill me luck, luck come fill me;

Guide me fates, fates come guide me;

Their god I shall be…


Follow me

Tip toe… tip toe, wind follow me;

Follow me, follow behind my shadow;



I will believe because I now believe;

I know, I now know there is a God;

An intelligent force that is self-aware and in absolute control of fate;

Help me to recognize your acts and judgment oh Creator;

You’re sublimely perfect and immaculately good;

You know all, you see all, and you control all;

Thank you for my understanding of kindness;

Thank you for my knowledge of love;

Thank you for my gift of lack and limit;

So much thank you, you deserve all;

You give and heal, and you steal and kill;

You are endlessly right in thought;

You transcend my length in sight and understanding;

Make me like you, like you are like me;

Make me full like you are complete;

Make me rich like you are wealthy;



I will remold my past, and my current;

I will be happy, I choose to be happy;

I shall be glad, I shall be kind;

I will be good, I will obey my instincts;

They will drop me and I shall raise again;

Am reset for a second fall;

But have already seen it and am for it;

I will use my calamities to step into my moon;

I will, I shall, I can, I can have everything I desire;