A gift is not a gift until it’s bestowed. It makes the most sense when a gift is wrapped. I will gift myself with happiness. I will be glad. I will be smiley. I will try. Peace is the mother of happiness, joy is the fruit. I want to be joyful. I want to be marvelously in harmony with my conscience, God help me.

If I will claw to happiness, I will be fastest, and the best. If I have to be insisting to be glad, I will be the most stubborn but focused fella. If am flying to my dreams, I will the fastest.

Basically I will try, I will try everything in my power to achieve my highest. This is the greatest risk of my life, however, I want to have lived a satisfying and inspiring life. That means I will have to start recreating my biography. I want to rewrite the way I would like my history viewed, God help me.

I will break and create. I want to feel a healing and a killing. I want to bless and curse. I want to survive my bad luck. I want to be a crimson idol of a good, perfect and upright living. I want to be remembered with tears of hope, I want to be remembered like a sweet harmonious song. I want to survive extinction.