The Ultimatum [Part 1]

Me:               I have decided, as from this moment, I will transcend everything and anyone who displeases and stands on my way…

Myself:           that looks heavy, don’t you think?

Me:                 well yes, and exactly… I have undergone under so grieving and deep pressure, I haven’t structurally changes, but I have mutated as a result of my response to adaptation and surviving.

Myself:           I don’t understand what you mean… what are you even talking about?

Me:                 you see Charles, I feel like am lost in the events of life. And because my godliness cannot allow me do the injustice trespassing other peoples affairs, or pass through them like they don’t matter, I want to go beyond everyone, to a level of complete independence, a place where happiness is inherently within my fears and worries and self-compelled joy is supreme.

Myself:           okay…

Me:                 and you will help me get to there… you see Charles, here outside is fun, and thrilling events happen, but I want to be like you… I want to be self-propellant… self-motivated, and self-experiencing…

Myself:           wait a minute, do you want to become completely independent of the nature? You want to be independent of time? That can’t happen, at least not in this mortal life…

Me:                 no. I don’t intend to free myself from the wave of life, I want absolute control of my condition and situation, more so, I want total and complete authority over my environment, future, and fate. Not that I don’t want to hope, I surely want to, but I want assurance besides insurance.

Myself:           …well, and how do you intend to go about that?

Me:                 as I said, I will transcend. You see like light, gamma rays of light to be precise. Those rays are not visible, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist, but keen and careful people see them. However, these rays don’t just merely travel, they travel through… these rays never make a single bend.

Myself:           and how do you plan to combine the concept of gamma light and transcendence?

Me:                 now that’s the part where lasting resolutions, definite principles and unweaving decisions come in life. To fight all this, we have to endure and conger this oxygenated life. To overcome the law, we have to be super wealthy and rich. And to be that wealthy, I intend to constructively use three quarter of my time gathering knowledge, wisdom and skills.

Myself:           oh poor flesh, how filthy to think you can make things happen on your own. What if you get very ill? Or knocked by a car. Or you just sleep and never wake up. Or you simply never harvest the fruits of your labor?

Me:                 I thought we were in the same bus, Charles? What’s your role in all this? Oh! You just expect to be there watching me do everything? No… The department of divinity, intuition, and, and common sense, logic, and instincts are all in your faculty.

Myself:           command me sir and I will obey. Send me my beholder and I will go. Trust me and I will be honest. Follow me and I will guide you. As me and I will answer. Teach me and I will learn. Talk to me and I will listen.

Me:                 very well Charles, of course I knew you wouldn’t let me down. Now that we are in the same page, I want you to transcend also. I want you to reach farthest than the angles can. Learn every aspect about our maker. What pleases Him, how He wants things done, and don’t forget to ask why… me, one the other hand, I will be providing you with the map, and updating you on the progress.