Dear Christ

Be the rain, and I will be clean;

Be the light, and I will be bright;

Be a seed, and grow within me;

Be the infinite, so I can learn you;

Be a mystery, and overwhelm me;

Be my friend and comfort;

Be my angle, and I feel safe;

Be my shield, and I will fight for my soul;

Be my tear, and I will be strong;

Be the wind, and carry me;

Be my favorite movie, and I will watch you all day;

Be my rest, so I feel comfortable;

Be my dream, so I sleep again;

Be my temptation, so I always do right;

Be a song; so I sing you;

Be the son of God, so you hear when I pay;

Be my desire, and wipe my loneliness;

Be my hands, so I work for you;

Be my eyes, and I will see God,

Be my preacher, and I will believe;

Be the holiest, so I desire righteousness,

Be my voice, so I can be god;

Be my thoughts, and I will be holy;


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