Feel free to call it luck

It’s some hours past midnight and am still coding, listening to some cool relaxing music and preaching’s and I suddenly got struck. Struck buy reality. It hit me real hard like a thunder. I remembered how hard am looking for a job. That was just one of my worry. In fact the only worry I had. Of course am confident that I will get one, but have I thanked God for at least half of what I have. How many were we born, I bet a promise that more than 10 that were born around the time I was born are dead, others blind, others paralyzed, others have just given up in life, others don’t even know what to care about in life, some others are behind me in education, others are sick, others don’t have food…..the list can go on and on, to a point where any logical and statistical mind can make an unexpected conclusion that something has influence in how we and why we live. Feel free to call it luck, if only you can tell me luck from who? Or its fate only if you can explain why me…

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