Comfort in self

Sometime ago, not a long time ago, Bornface was as he still is. He was quiet, noble, modest and always desired perfection. Bornface himself was very careful and keen to very small details of life that most people consider a necessary risk. Bornface never wanted to break the big don’ts of life, but he always considered an exceedingly too much of humility and kindness to be a safe side to incline. Generally, Bornface always, or most of the times wanted to appear a little foolish. As others looked and craved to be noticed, he got his satisfaction from assisting someone and going unnoticed, but he also felt a so much deep thirst to be appreciated. He wanted to be something. Something like oxygen, not so much talked about, but means life.

Bornface wanted and desired to do the things that others found impossible! His desire for helping could make him weep inside just by seeing how helpless a so strong bull is being slaughtered. He imagined, “what did I give to deserve to be born a human, conscious of myself. This bull doesn’t even know what’s about to happen. It has never did anything intentionally with interior motive to hurt anyone, but it’s being killed….the world is unfair!!!” But immediately he finished meditating on that, a memory, long lost in the high school backup file fades in. How he answered one class-mate when that class mate tried to convince him how life is unfair. “(As they were leaving the Christian union on Sunday…)…you see Bornface, life is very unfair. How can… (His friend wanted to continue but was cut short sharply). Life is fair, because life is from God, and God is fair…” Bornface spoke like one with a divine confirmation.

Expectedly, Bornface had a more closed personality, besides weird. He was more focused to the “half empty” part of the glass! He was more disturbed by curiosity of what’s he doesn’t know, and why he doesn’t know. He, sometimes, wondered what’s not I the bible than what’s in the bible. Weird as it sounds, Bornface couldn’t just help my why he don’t, or can’t know everything. He very well understood the fact that no one can naturally comprehend everything, but he made every effort to know what he thought was important to know, (according to him…).