why i watch movies?

why i watch movies? because intend to change my mindset; a change in mindset changes my perspective; the new perspective alters my priorities; the new order of priorities renews my focus; a renewed focus revives my thrill; this thrill fuels my hopes;

The power which enabled an ignorant, illiterate colored child to conquer an intelligent man…

One afternoon he was helping his uncle grind wheat in an old fashioned mill. The uncle operated a large farm on which a number of colored sharecrop farmers lived. Quietly, the door was opened, and a small colored child, the daughter of a tenant, walked in and took her place near the door. The uncle […]

Rendezvous ~ Not Alone

just look, because why not? look, its a beautiful… *day; so look, like gaze and no stare; like lustfully but nonchalantly; am careful, maybe am not; am creative, that is good; i see, and that’s okay; if i touch, don’t tempt me; oh goodness, what am i doing? this ain’t me, what am i thinking? […]

Njira ikura igiaga ime kwina riua ~ Kikuyu proverb

njira ikura igiaga ime kwina riua ( mundu ukura datungaga wao ) ~ persistent resistance to advice is the road to misery this is a Kikuyu proverb promoting adherence to counsel and being susceptible to instructions.