Distinguishing privilege from good luck and achievement

In life, there are three reasons why things go well for us: privilege, random good fortune, and/or that we worked to make something happen. I recently encountered a really good example of all three at work when my DSL internet connection went down for two days. I know several people who have no internet connection at home because they can’t afford it. Some don’t even have a computer, and rely entirely on public computers for internet access. I had a hell of a time coping with two days offline, because I’m able to afford DSL and a large chunk of my life revolves around the internet. That got me thinking: is it a privilege that I can afford DSL, or good luck, or achievement? The short answer is: all three….

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What is Religion?

Religion is simply a form of Meditation...

A friend of mine, an atheist friend of mine couldn’t stand my strong co-existence full belief of a supernatural deity, and a perfect understanding and acceptance of science. So he said I was suffering from Pascal’s wager. For description purposes, Pascal’s wager is the ability to harmoniously harbor two conflicting ideas.
I have always considered myself an apologetic given by the number of incidences I stood up for religion and Christianity truth, but my comfort and most of my recognition comes from cutting all paranoia I religion, basically saying what is pure truth, not just the bible truth. There is one incidence that that scared me when I read the book of Urantia, and wanted to consult its authenticity, but there is no one, even the most educated pastors and bishops who even had the idea that such a book existed. One very prominent tried to call it a bible comentally, his ignorance scared me to the bone.
According to a certain theory of the origin of knowledge, one is born with all the knowledge, but in the process of birth they forget everything, so they spend their lifetime trying to re-call and remember what they forgot at birth. The other theory of course says the opposite but my point is…I have personally managed to attain answers to some of my most difficult questions by merely meditating and continually thinking over a topic for a considerable good time, sometimes even a year.
There is one instance I was walking to work and something just came into my mind, “Religion is Meditation.” I know I had been previously advocating this notion earlier but this time it was heavier. I always believed, that God is greater than religion, greater than the bible and greater than everything else, including our comprehension. But now, if religion is meditation, then that makes every concept of religion physical, not divine.
So, is there a God? A Force? Or an Energy that controls anything? Id answer that question with… “First, there is obviously a time for everything, an opportunity or a chance for every event. Second, there exists a watch man that watches over every event and assists everything remain in balance. And third, there also exists a watch maker, the uncaused cause, the immovable mover.” It is my understanding this sounds poetic or artistic, but truth be said, we are all part of a bigger endless, but finite game. Some are pones, others are queens, others are born kings, others just provide the playground, we call them the king makers.

Feel free to call it luck

It’s some hours past midnight and am still coding, listening to some cool relaxing music and preaching’s and I suddenly got struck. Struck buy reality. It hit me real hard like a thunder. I remembered how hard am looking for a job. That was just one of my worry. In fact the only worry I had. Of course am confident that I will get one, but have I thanked God for at least half of what I have. How many were we born, I bet a promise that more than 10 that were born around the time I was born are dead, others blind, others paralyzed, others have just given up in life, others don’t even know what to care about in life, some others are behind me in education, others are sick, others don’t have food…..the list can go on and on, to a point where any logical and statistical mind can make an unexpected conclusion that something has influence in how we and why we live. Feel free to call it luck, if only you can tell me luck from who? Or its fate only if you can explain why me…

Environmental genetics

This is a personal observation, and experience…

I have come to an almost definite and profound conclusion that we, humans, including other living creatures, can and have absorb genetic characteristics from our environment to help us adapt.

Case study 1

Two girls, (one quit brown, and the other relatively dark) join the same college, they are given the same room, they become best friends, and then they are always together taking meals, walking, hiking, and do lots of other staff together. After several years, the dark girl starts to turn chocolate heading to dark-brown. Then they start looking alike in facial expressions, and several other things. The only reasonable explanation is that the dark girl must have envied to be brown, and that need and desire to fit necessitated the need for genetic change.

Case study 2

Wife and husband look alike after staying together for so long…

Case study 3

Two academically intelligent parents are very likely to give birth to an academically talented kid…

Case study 4

A young adopted son, or daughter resembles their mother or father after some years…


Case study 5

An infant can precisely identify her mother by smell.



It is very likely that a species can absorb genetic characteristics they desperately desire from their environments, and it’s also possible that a species can release genetic characteristics to the environment.



Curiosity is not bad

Of late I’ve been thinking about witches. Where they draw their powers, how they come to possess the powers and how they are able to use them. Because, if you really live in earth physically, you will have noticed that witches really do exist, even in the bible!! Saul went to a witch who could summon the spirit of a prophet of God (1 Samuel 28:11), and in the New Testament, Paul, who was Saul (funny coincidence…) rebuked an evil spirit from a girl who seemed too wise for her age and context (Acts 16:18).

This came at a period I didn’t have solid supporting evidence of how God can be an infinite mind, or how God really is connected to everything. I have always have had confidence in the believe that God is the soul. And humans that live on earth possess that part of God! And that is why am more inclined to make a rather solid conclusion that human are gods. God created gods. God wanted to be worshiped by beings that where very self-aware of their actions. And that is why he probably planted the tree of knowledge of good and evil where he created the first man. So, how is God connected to all this?? God is the resting place!! God is the infinite mind where everything existed, where everything rests, where everything lives, where everything still exists! And that is why, these terrestrial spirits need a soul, like the one God gave to humans, hence a person is needed for the powers of the spirits to work. That explains why God was able to create the universe with just a word of mouth, because He harbors the Holy Spirit, Who is actually seven very powerful spirits (Revelation 1:4; 3:1; 4:5; and 5:6).

See this, after you are preached to the gospel, you are told that you can receive the Holy Spirit. Does everyone receive it? No, we all agree on that! But it doesn’t mean that those who don’t receive it are less humans, or less capable of harboring a spirit! It only means that they are not completely self-conscious enough. If they received more knowledge, they start to understand and after continuous meditation, they start to become self-aware of their place, role and their part in creation, which leads to not necessarily receiving the Holy Spirit, but very high inner self importance.

In an occurrence that they receive the Holy Spirit, they start to prophesy, command nature, speak of things to come, and perform miracles. Why? Because they have possessed enough room in their mind to harbor the Holy Spirit, which now works through them! Partially, that proofs the existence of another form of life that can inhibit the other (non-breathers according to the book of Urantia), but that’s a talk of another day. (On page 564 The Urantia Book, it says: “Life on the worlds of the non-breathers is radically different from what it is on Urantia. The non- breathers do not eat food or drink water as do the Urantia races. The reactions of the nervous system, the heat-regulating mechanism, and the metabolism of these specialized peoples are radically different from such functions of Urantia mortals. Almost every act of living, aside from reproduction, differs, and even the methods of procreation are somewhat different.”)

So, I stand to be corrected but confident in the believe in the quote by a famous mathematician Kurt Godel of the 1970’s. Godel felt that through the principles of modal logic that a higher being must exist. He argued that, “God is that for which no greater can be conceived. And while God exists in the understanding of the concept, we could conceive of him as greater if he existed in reality. Therefore, he must exist.” What am I trying to say? Without God, there would be no such thing as space and time upon which everything depends on. Because God, through His infinite mind, which we successfully defined as a resting place for everything, hence an infinite basic foundation upon which everything exists, can never be consumed by the infinite ever growing time-space, without whom, space would not have a room to expand to! Science calls it God’s particle (Higgs boson or Higgs particle). It is the particle believed to give mass to things, hence matter. The particle’s existence helps confirm the theory that objects gain their size and shape when particles interact in an energy field with the Higgs boson particle. The more they attract, so the theory goes, the bigger their mass will be. Can you smell magnetism in that last line? Does magnetism hint something about gravity? Well, by now gravity should tell you something about unseen forces…terrestrial forces to be precise! You can also imagine earth as a single particle in space-time, attracted to a solar system, in a certain galaxy! By the way, no one have ever been able to confidently define magnetism, we can only predict the behavior of magnetism, and that’s the farthest we go as of understanding magnetism! (Read here: )

In conclusion, God is the infinite mind hence the infinite foundation of everything…

Faith & Rationalism Part 1

  1. God created evil…else, why did He create the tree of knowledge of good and evil? Because, first, good existed, but evil too existed, otherwise, God would have created the tree of knowledge of truth and trust, or faith and obedience, or worship and praise. There is no way God would expose us to something we can’t fathom. He knew we can understand what is good, and the opposite of it (which is evil). Because as much as we are created I the likeness of, we are not made to understand things we can’t conceive in our minds. And that’s where we seek Him for guidance. God is an orderly being, who values highrachy, which basically means, A HIGHER BEING MUST EXIST. We are all created to attribute everything unexplainable to Him Whom we can’t explain. We attribute what we can’t understand to He (Whom) we can’t understand. Anyway, the bible states very clearly that God created EVERYTHING. My understanding of the English term everything is wholly or in totality. It’s like saying that God didn’t create darkness. But there would never have existed the necessity to create light if darkness didn’t exist. Saying evil wasn’t created by God is like saying that God didn’t create darkness, which is similar to saying that there is, yet, a higher power, or higher authority than God, which is ultimately wrong, because there can never exist anything beyond infinity.
  2. Why did Lucifer promise to give Jesus all the kingdoms of the earth? Did they belong to Lucifer then? And why did they matter to Jesus? Because, else, Jesus would just have responded that He doesn’t need them… Lucifer was wise and was in no way going to ask Jesus to give up His solitude for something that wasn’t equally important to Him. So then, were Jesus and Lucifer’s equals before He (Jesus), was promoted to stay and live on the right hand of God? Because Jesus being elevated only explains that He had a lower rank.

People don’t change, priorities do

When i wake up, the first thing I do is opening my computer and program a little, that happens before I even take breakfast. So it’s not like I changed and all of a sudden started coding before anything else in the morning, its just that my priorities changed.

We all know the that we don’t control everything that unfolds in a day, but we at least have control over how we react. Someone stopped calling you because their priorities changed. You started going to the gym because your priorities changed and you started caring a about your health.

Weird Preferences

Everyone has that weird preference for something. Let me start with mine: I like people with unpredictable character traits, I feel comfortable when the sound volume of my playlist is in odd numbers, I like putting my phone in the trouser pocket, if i were told to choose any random number i possibly would choose 13 or 7, i hate inbuilt phone browsers for no specific reason, I don’t like it when get something free of charge


Sincerity is a condition of being honest, clear, and frank with your mind and yourself. Being sincere revolves around “hopping for the best expecting the worst”.

God loves sincere people. Don’t say the sermon was long, just admit that it was boring. I personally don’t like being a role model to anyone. Because it makes you do things you don’t want to, just to keep your followers behind you. Life lacks taste when we try to make it everyone smile. If you are sure that you are doing the right thing, why care about third party opinions?

Some people have the strength to lie to them selves. And even……(to be continued)

God doesn’t live, He exists…but Humans do

I will say this again so it doesn’t seem like I gave the wrong title, “GOD DOESN’T LIVE, HE EXISTS!” What do I mean? What is the difference between living and existing anyway? Living revolves and involves a purpose, but God doesn’t have a purpose for living, in fact, He doesn’t require to live (or have a purpose), He just or plainly exits.

Human beings live because, according to the bible, we are supposed to please He from whom we are! But then again, how could God be pleased by something that is solely dependent on His commands? Then it would mean that there is a likelihood He is sometimes not pleased by His self, which might explain His reason of giving instructions that are not pleasing to you Himself… what all those lines above are trying to explain is that there was no reasonable reason for God to control us, what we do, what we ask, how or what we think, what we see things, what we imagine, or how we speak or hate and love! He wanted to be served by a god like Himself. We are gods. Go read Genesis 1:26, it says;

 26 Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over the cattle, over all[a] the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.”

Each and every one of us is a god! That is why we are able to tame every animal, plant, even people and sometimes creation. That’s why we are all free thinkers, well, unless you are locked to the cages of un-civilization, culture or religion. He wanted to be served by us free willingly.

Well thank you for pointing at me, “Look at this fool.” How many fingers of you are pointing at your chest as you point at me? Three! Three fingers telling you to be less stubborn and at least go research about this free revelation, that is if you will not be willing to be accept it.

But in general, in order to co-exist with each other, we all have to be at one time or the other be tamed, so that we don’t misbehave. That’s why we have the constitution, personal principles, freemasons, including culture, beliefs, faith, and religion.