+now that #Donald has taken the white house,

+now that #Donald has taken the white house, #whitehouse, there are several changes that you might experience, thing like writing the word #usa in small letters might get you into #trouble or writing without #dots between the initials…to be on the safe side, let me correct myself, U.S.A, #USA. And hey, #Lupita will be deported back to Kenya any time soon, she has already secured a position in a local comedy show, Churchill Show, #ChurchillShow

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  1. On second thought I know its a good thing,,,Imagine all our heroes and heroines back home.Home will be better than before,great expertise, innovation and name it…..As the saying goes East ,West,South or North Home is always the best.Let them come back and build our great Africa and scale it to greater heights#proudlyAfrican#

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