What if it’s true?

Before i say this, allow me to first say that am a Christian. A very born-again son of God. I have been baptized twice, one when I was a kid in the The Catholic Church, and when I was around 17 years in the Full Gospel Churches of Kenya.
I believe in Heaven as all other Christians do, but what if it’s really true what Hindus say that when we die, we return back as animals?
If you have the ability to think INDEPENDENTLY, then you’ll agree with me that there is a possibility that Hindus are correct, because no one in the world is solid sure that what they believe is what is supposed to be true. Truth is just genuine sincerity plus a pure conscience! So any one can be true. Being true and being right is like two separate pages from two different books. There’s a chance that the books might be related, but it depends on a personal judgment.
My question is dead simple. What if its really true there is chance we’ll come back as animals after we die, would you like to be treated the way you treat the animals around you?

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